Leah Robins

Sun Sign

Circle Location



East - Air

If Leah were to stand still in one place for too long one could almost guarantee she would start to vibrate. This petite young lady is full of so much energy that she makes the energizer bunny look lazy. She is as confident and opinionated as she is wild and crazy, always saying what is on her mind and being completely honest about how she is feeling or what she thinks. She is the little shock of electricity that runs throughout the Sisterhood, and everyone loves her.

Leah is a skinny, pasty little thing, but don’t let that fool you, she is full of more vinegar than most. She is quick to defend her friends and will always be there when someone is in need.  She first joined the group in kindergarten, becoming good friends with Salena and Keia almost instantly. It has gotten to the point where she and Keia can just about finish each other's sentences on a regular basis. But, she still doesn't have the guts to admit how she feels about Connelly.

Her parents are divorced and share custody; her dad is a computer programmer and her mom works in the emergency room at Reno General. Even though her mother’s job keeps her pretty busy she still makes time to kiss and hug her daughter when she can. Leah’s father isn’t a very prominent figure in her life but he certainly isn’t a dead beat dad. He hangs out with her when he is able and occasionally takes her to her favorite book store in search of new adventures.

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