Keia Von Housen

Sun Sign

Circle Location



West - Water

Keia and Salena have been friends since daycare, and still hold the belief that they were separated at birth even though their parents tell them otherwise.  Keia is Salena's oldest friend and the two are basically inseparable, so much so that they keep clothing at one another's houses.  It also doesn't hurt that Keia has a very cute older brother named Tim who Salena has had her eye on for quite a while. 


Keia's dad passed away in a rather tragic, alcohol related accident.   Though it left her family damaged and with a void that could not be filled, their love for one another helped them make it through.  More tragedy struck when her mom Lesley was removed from her position as the Director of Reno General by the vile Mr. Black. Once more this small family of three banded together, and through their bond stood tall once more.

Keia is a very caring and supportive friend, one who will stand by your side no matter what. Not only is she a wonderful friend to Salena, but to everyone in the Sisterhood of the Silver Moon. She and Leah get along so well that it isn’t uncommon for them to share the same brain wavelength and finish one another’s sentences. All in all, like all the members, she is a valuable person to the Sisterhood.


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